Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Once a -- no, the standby baby shower gift, the "onesie" is now a fashion statement that's rocking the summertime streets from New York to L.A.

The one-piece jumper is the ultimate in warm-weather ease and comfort--and the Nap Black Skull Jumper from Graffiti Pink rocks the look with one of the season's hottest patterns. With the convenience of one-piece dressing, all you need to do is pick your accessories and go. And if you need a little extra coverage for cooler climes or after-hours socializing, you can always pair it with coordinating leggings or shorts.

Also available in light pink and purple, the Nap Skull Jumper offers the ease of a one-piece and the comfort of cotton-blend fabric--with a hint of grrrrrl power on the side.

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