Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to...

...the House of Dior!

This week, the glitterati of the fashion and entertainment worlds converged on Versailles to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the House of Dior. And host John Galliano had an anniversary of his own to celebrate--his 10th anniversary as the couture house's head designer.

As Lisa Armstrong from The Times of London reported,

1947 was a busy year for Christian Dior: he invented The New Look--that wasp-waisted, full-skirted, fabric-gobbling, unashamedly nostalgic silhouette that had some denouncing him as an antipatriot. Most women loved it. And love it still.

Nowadays a model is lucky if her career lasts 18 months. Flailing designers are signed up and spat out of fashion houses in two seasons. Galliano has held down the job as head designer at Dior for the fashion equivalent of eternity. He was appointed the year that Tony Blair became Prime Minister. The difference is that ten years on there is no obvious successor to Galliano. His appointment, which was held to be something of a risk at the time, has turned out to be a critical and commercial smash.

So we're pleased to wish a very happy birthday to the House of Dior and a happy 10-year anniversary to its leader Galliano. We're all looking forward to many more years of fabulousness to come!

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Roberta said...

1947 was a busy year for Christians, indeed! The women wore modest skirts down to their ankles, and the men ruled us in pinstriped suits with a mighty hand!!

Roberta Shugs