Saturday, September 29, 2007

You're covered. Beautifully.

You walk into that chic new restaurant wearing your favorite sheer-pink cami, ready for a fun evening with friends—including your pal Amanda's hot brother who's visiting from Atlanta—when all of a sudden, you notice that it's, ah, chilly. Quite obviously chilly.

With Nippies by Bristols 6 from Graffiti Pink, such situations need not be cause for either embarrassment or strategic napkin placement. Made from lingerie-quality satin and lace, Nippies provide luxurious coverage that fits like a bra: soft, stretchy, and even supportive. And since they're waterproof, one pair will last you from cocktails all the way through your last late-night dance.

What's more, Graffiti Pink's assortment of Nippies features a variety of fun, sexy shapes, textures, and patterns, from the "Like a Virgin" bridal set to the ultra-glittery Staple Superstars.

So pick up a pair for each of your moods. From casual picnics to cocktail parties to formal occasions, Nippies have you covered. Beautifully.

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