Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hot blog: Go Fug Yourself

Think you're having a bad style day? The pick-me-up you need might be just a mouse click away.

Slide on over to Go Fug Yourself for a peek at the most recent fashion disasters sported by your favorite celebs—you know, the ones with the highly paid stylists and the army of other professionals dedicated to making them look good?

Seriously, if the words "damn, I look cute" don't pass your lips within the first five minutes of your visit, well, you're just not human.

Better yet, each pic is served up with the most shamelessly catty commentary this side of high school, courtesy of "Fuggers" Heather and Jessica. Here's what they had to say about Jennifer Connelly's look for the premiere of Reservation Road:

It's like Laura Ashley married a Poison video and then got really inappropriately drunk at the wedding and threw up all over Jennifer Connelly. And, bless her, she's putting on a happy face about it, but inside, you just know she's thinking, "Damn, I hate the 80s. If Frank Whaley thinks this is some kind of coded message for him to call me, I'm going to cut a bitch."

So the next time you look down at your outfit and ask, "What was I thinking," rest assured that it could be much worse. You could be wearing this.

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