Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pets get a little Sugar of their own

Are you crazy about your kittycat? Passionate about pooches? Or just ardent about animals in general? If so, the Sugar family of blogs has a new spot just for you ... and your cuddly friends.

Yes, the same talented team that brings us FabSugar's fashion finds, BellaSugar's beauty beat, PopSugar's paparazzi pics, and more now has a blog just for pet lovers:
PetSugar is your go-to site for all things fabulously furry, feathered, and finned. Whether you're already a pet owner, dreaming of one day owning a pet, or just in need of a cute pick me up, PetSugar is the place for the latest and greatest pet news, product reviews and yummy treasures that will make your pets come running. Your lovable pet can also become a celebrity on the site!
Click on over to PetSugar today—it'll bring out the animal in you!

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