Tuesday, October 16, 2007

See who made The List of stylists

Quick, name Hollywood's top 10 "it" girls.

Nice job. Now name their stylists.


While our favorite starlets get the credit (or take the blame) for their looks, it's the stylist who is out there in the trenches, hunting down the must-have accessories, negotiating with designers, matching this bag with this jacket (but not those shoes, honey!). And while the best ones may merit the occasional taste of fame, most toil away in relative anonymity.

Now these unsung heroes of the fashion world get their due in Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion by the editors of Style.com (with an introduction by Anna Wintour). This 240-page tome, to be relased October 30, profiles 16 of the most sought-after names in the biz. Each chapter charts the career of a different sartorial wizard, with an emphasis on individual flair, uncanny instinct, and knack for trendsetting and documented in an array of dazzling color photographs.

If you're serious about style, here's your chance to learn from the true masters.

(Hat tip: All About the Pretty)

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