Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rachel Zoe on all things fabulous

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe made a recent appearance on the Tyra Banks show to promote her new book, Style A to Zoe, and took the opportunity to share some tips for enjoying the fabulous life:

  • Quickest way to alter a dress that's gapping? Add a fabulous brooch for a solution that's stylish and practical.
  • Never leave the house without at least one chic piece of jewelry on.
  • Add some classic Hollywood glam to any look with a timeless string of pearls.
  • Nails should be kept short to medium-length and lacquered in a nude or deep color.
  • Add style to your environment with orchids—they're low-maintenance and they last forever.
  • Say thank-you with hand-written notes; they're a dying art, which is what makes them so much more special than e-mail.
  • And finally, learn to love and appreciate yourself instead of comparing yourself with others.
Want more of La Zoe's fabulous wisdom? Her book is on sale at Amazon and at your local bookstore.

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