Monday, December 31, 2007

2007's worst dresses

We've shared with you Elle's list of the best dressed of 2007, and now it's time for the dark side: the Worst Dresses of the Year, courtesy of's Cynthia Nellis. As you peruse, do keep in mind that each of these women pays a stylist considerable amounts of money to make her look fashionable. Or at least presentable. We'd be asking for a refund.

Helena Bonham-Carter: Okay, okay, we get it: you're quirky.

Ellen Pompeo: The Hefty people called, honey. They want their bag back.

Parker Posey: Oh, Parker, we love you and think you're adorable, but come on now. You look like you're coming from a sumo match at the Hershey factory.

If you're an absolute sucker for train wrecks, check out the entire list.

And let's all hope these unfortunate souls get some much-needed fashion therapy—or at least better stylists—in 2008.

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