Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Design your own shoe at Steve Madden

Has this ever happened to you? You find a hot pair of shoes that's absolutely perfect ... except for one little thing. Maybe the heel color's one shade off from what you were looking for. Maybe the upper material isn't quite what you need to go with that sweet new outfit. And if only the buttons were red instead of black ...

Leave it to the geniuses at Steve Madden to come up with a solution. Click on over to stevemadden.com and you can design your very own custom-made shoe—for less than $200.

First, you'll select a basic style from over 40 options—including boots, pumps, sandals, ballet flats, and slides (there are even a couple of customizable handbags). Then you'll choose your upper material, with options ranging from innocent pink gingham to in-your-face orange patent, your heel color, and any other customizable features. Enter your size, check out, and the Madden team will get to work building your custom-designed creation.

And when the compliments start rolling in, you'll be able to say "Thanks—I designed them myself."

(Hat tip: Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle)

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