Monday, December 3, 2007

Style tip: stopping static

What happens when silky holiday dresses and skirts meet the cold, dry air of winter? Static, and lots of it. Within moments of stepping outdoors, your floaty flounces could be hugging your thighs tighter than the cranky two-year-old you used to babysit.

Fortunately, an easy stylists' trick can keep static cling at bay and keep drapes and folds where they belong. Before you head out, just take an ordinary dryer sheet and vigorously rub any areas likely to attract static (skirts, tights, slips, etc.). Toss an extra in your purse in case you need a touch-up later on.

VoilĂ ! Your clothes will stay smooth and gorgeous all night long.

P.S. It works for hair, too.

(Hat tip: FabSugar)

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