Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remembering a pioneer

Unless you're a diehard pro football fan, the name Georgia Frontiere probably doesn't mean much. But if you're into stories about strong, capable women who overcame the odds, you'll be interested to know more about this pioneer, who nearly 30 years ago became the first woman to own an NFL team.

Georgia inherited the then–Los Angeles Rams from her husband, Carroll Rosenbloom, when he passed away in 1979. At the time, everyone assumed that she would step aside and allow Carroll's son Stephen to take over. Clearly, "everyone" didn't know Georgia. She quickly assumed the full duty roster of an NFL team owner and proceeded to lead the team through a 1995 move to St. Louis, a 1999 Super Bowl victory, and a 2001 NFC Championship.

Last Friday, Georgia Frontiere left us, losing a lengthy battle with breast cancer at age 80 and leaving behind an inspirational heritage. Rams president John Shaw offered this tribute: "It’s been my privilege for twenty-eight years to work for a loyal, generous, and supportive owner who was totally committed to her football team."

Sounds like a touchdown to us, Georgia.

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