Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spring trend alert: candy-colored cobblings

The holidays are officially over, and no sooner had the last whiff of holiday rum punch vanished from his lair than our friend Manolo the Shoeblogger set to work getting us ready for the fabulous footwear of Spring 2008.

For this week's trend, the focus is color—and not just any color, dearie. This spring's shoes offer a rainbow of jellybean-inspired hues, from juicy orange to sunset purple to walkin'-on-sunshine yellow. We just went gaga over these kickin' Enzo Angiolini peep-toe pumps, and we can't wait to see what other crazy chromatics the season's alchemists come up with.

In fact, Manolo (again, Shoeblogger) himself has gone so far as to deem 2008 "The Year of Color." If it's true (and who would dare to doubt the Manolo?), then fasten your seatbelts, ladies. We're in for a wild, wacky, wonderful ride!

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