Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Total Beauty's fave hand helpers

If Old Man Winter's doing his best to turn your lovely hands into dry, scaly claws, then click on over to Total Beauty right away.

Both outdoor cold and indoor heating can have a drying effect on your poor mitts, plus if you're washing them often to avoid catching colds (which you are, aren't you?) you're sapping their moisture even further.

But with so many brands out there to choose from, how to tell which is the one to take your hands from harried to heavenly, without leaving behind that greasy feeling?

Fortunately, the clever divas over at Total Beauty have done the legwork—er, handwork—for you. They've hand-tested dozens of creams and have no fewer than ten to recommend, from under-$5 drugstore buys to beauty-counter investments.

Now that deserves a hand!

(Image: bbc.co.uk)

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