Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend TV watch: SAG Awards

During any normal season, the Screen Actors' Guild (SAG) Awards would barely register as a blip on our radar screens. No offense to this worthy artists' organization, but compared to the bigger award shows like the Golden Globes, theirs is usually small potatoes.

This season, however, the writers' strike is leaving our red-carpet-loving souls positively starved for some awards-show glam, so we'll be glued to our sets this Sunday, February 27. We're thinking our fave Hollywood style sirens (like Cate Blanchett, pictured here from the 2007 SAG Awards show) will be just as enthusiastic as we are and will pull out all the stops. For better or for worse.

So tune in along with us this Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern on TNT/TBS to see the first red-carpet strut of the season! Stay tuned for our post-carpet report early next week.

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