Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hot mag: Pink

So there we were, standing in line at Office Max, checking out the latest indulgence of our obsession with writing implements, when we cast a casual glance toward the covers on the magazine rack.

At first, nothing in particular caught our eye … a stern official warning of recession … a smirking mogul boasting about his millions (and his trophy wife) … a … what’s this? A smiling photo of our girl Tyra Banks next to the huge letters P-I-N-K?

And that, darlings, is how we discovered the fabulousness that is Pink magazine, the mag for savvy career gals who find most women’s magazines too fluffy and business pubs too pinstripe-boys’-club. And what’s not to love about the title?

In the January/February issue you’ll not only find an in-depth look at the astounding business phenomenon that is our girl Tyra Banks (have we mentioned that she’s our girl?), but also stories about how to prep for a videoconference, the perception of American businesswomen abroad, and what your dreams may be telling you about your career.

Click on over to their site to find blogs by their editors and to sign up for their absolutely free e-newsletter. If conquering the world is on your New Year's Resolution list, Pink's a great place to start.

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