Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beauty tip: perfect puckers

As we ease into the springtime season, we eagerly slough off winter's rough, flaky skin to reveal a springtime glow on our faces and bodies ... but our lips need just as much attention, if not more. Warmer, sunnier weather means lighter lip formulas, which demand a satiny-smooth surface.

So, does this mean we need to shell out big bucks for a specialized product that promises perfectly exfoliated puckers ... or is there an alternative?

According to Style Spy at, savvy sources tend to agree that "most [commercial] lip exfoliators fall under the 'meh' category: Not all that great, only semi-effective and, in some cases, more harmful than helpful." Instead, she offers some easy home remedies that do the job just fine ... and that only cost pennies per application:

  • Top makeup artist Rachel Weingarten advises, "Slather your lips with Vaseline, take a shower or bath, and then take a washcloth and rub it all off."
  • Take a bit of sugar, dampen it with one drop of water, and rub your lips gently.
  • Try Naomi Campbell's trick of brushing the lips with a super-soft toothbrush.
Then slick on your favorite gloss, balm, or salve and you're ready to pucker up for springtime!

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