Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hot read: Celebutantes

Even if your college days are long behind you, it's never too late to grab a couple of girlfriends for a spring break getaway. And if you're looking for something to entertain on those long, languid days at the beach, look no further than Celebutantes.

This latest chick-lit sensation chronicles the adventures of Lola Santisi, a Hollywood actress who abandons the limelight for the far grittier world of red-carpet fashion. Representing designer Julian Tennant, she's on a quest to convince a Hollywod fabulista to don his finery at the upcoming Oscars. As she woos one it-girl after another, you'll recognize personalities and peculiarities taken straight out of celeb gossip headlines in a hilarious race to the red carpet.

For a fun sneak peek, check out the trailer (yes, a book with a trailer!) at

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