Saturday, April 5, 2008

April showers survival guide (part I)

Before the May flowers begin appearing, April's showers are de rigeur—but that doesn't have to mean a girl's forced to settle for the same old waterproof gear. Over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you some rainy-day wear that's so fabulous, you'll want to go puddle-jumping every day.

As Rihanna will attest, the first thing a girl needs to face the rainy season is a fabulous umbrella (ella ... ella ... yeah, yeah, we get it). And after a little research, we've uncovered an amazing source brought to you by those who know a thing or two about rainy weather: the Brits. offers a huge selection of stylish umbrellas, featuring designs from Jean Paul Gaultier, Guy de Jean, Frank Usher and some of the world's most storied umbrella design houses (yes, they do exist). Some of our favorites:

Red Queen by Frank Usher, featuring a hand-stitched clear Swarovski crystal exterior and a red diamante encrusted handle

Black Bodice by Jean Paul Gaultier, with a provocative lace-up detail and a black Gaultier mannequin handle

Glamour by Pasotti, featuring a dark-brown sateen exterior, a funky animal print inside, and a fluted curved silver gilt metal handle

With umbrellas this fabulous, you'll be checking the forecast to make sure you catch every shower around!

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