Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breaking news: Project Runway "aufs" Bravo

After the show's most successful season to date, the producers of Project Runway have said "auf wiedersehen" to Bravo and announced a surprise switch to the Lifetime channel.

Apparently they forgot to tell the good people at Bravo, who are suing PR's owner, the Weinstein Company, over the switch.

So what what's the word in the famously devoted PR community over this shakeup? That would be "worried."

Writes Tom Fitzgerald of the Project Rungay blog: "Not casting aspersions on Lifetime, but they are known for victim-of-the-week movies and ‘Golden Girls’ reruns. There is a real fear that the show is going to change because of this move." According to Blogging Project Runway scribe Laura Kluvo, "Bravo has a knack for creating celebrities out of everyday people that are doing their jobs ... That is not the nature of Lifetime."

In a related story, Women's Wear Daily broke the news on Friday that Elle magazine and editor Nina Garcia (who moonlights as one of PR's sharp-tongued judges) have parted ways. Further details have yet to be released, but the move is sure to affect either Elle's sponsorship of the show or Garcia's status as judge.

Then again, this could be the least of the shakeups we'll be seeing next season. Stay tuned, ladies!

(Image: New York Times)

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