Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring trend alert: gladiator sandals

It's been over two years since the movie 300 re-ignited our fascination with all things Greco-Roman—not to mention spawning its own ab workout—but its influence is alive and well today in Spring 2008 footwear.

Yes, ladies, the gladiator sandal, that classic flat encased in more straps than you can shake a xiphos at, is back in a colossal way this season. And this time around you'll find it in styles from ultra-dressy to might-as-well-be-barefoot and in enough colors to please any goddess.

For a happy medium, try a simply styled neutral metallic, like this "Greyson" from L.A.M.B. (leave it to Gwen to give us the ideal blend of style and practicality). Perfect with a crisp city short for strolling through the park, or pair it with a flirty floral sundress to add an edge to your girly flair.

Whether you're a lover or a fighter (or both), look to the gladiator sandal in creating a style that's truly legendary.

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