Friday, June 20, 2008

Rule the beauty world ... well, virtually, anyway

Seems everybody wants to be a beauty guru these days, and a new video game lets you do just that.

In Beauty Factory, you're the CEO of your very own beauty company, and it's up to you to develop, make and market must-have "it" products that fly off the shelves. You'll start by getting the lowdown from your crack market research team, head to the lab to decide on your ingredients, manufacture your product, and then it's on to packaging, marketing, and sales tracking.

Sounds like a lot of work ... but also a lot of fun.

So if the summer heat drives you indoors looking for ways to amuse yourself in A/C-generated comfort, get in touch with your inner mogul and get set for beauty-world domination!

(Hat tip: SugarShock)

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