Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer beauty trend: purple polish

It's been a wild few months on the manicure front, ladies. Last fall, it was all about inky blues and burgundies, then in the spring we explored the other extreme with ultra-delicate pink iridescence.

For this summer—what's left of it, that is—we're seeing a happy medium with fun, frivolous shades of purple, from almost-fluourescent to pastel and everywhere in between. A few of our favorites: Dark Angel from M.A.C., Don't Wait Up from L'Oreal, Rose Royale from LancĂ´me, and Bermuda Shorts from Essie.

For everyday, for a special occasion, or just for fun, it's easy to add a little flair to your fingers with the season's hottest shade.

(Hat tip: BellaSugar)Link

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