Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unleash your inner "Vix"-en

Oh, girlfriend, say it isn't so. Midsummer has come and gone and you still haven't found the perfect bikini?

Yeah, yeah, you've been busy, you hate dressing rooms, the malls are infested with gangs of marauding Sidekick-toting teenyboppers, yadda yadda...

Time to wake up and smell the sunscreen, hun. The season is slipping away and you best get while the getting's good. Fortunately, we've just added a bevy of beachworthy beauties to our swimwear selections—like this scrumptious Batik Navy Bikini Top and Bottom from Vix.

The navy-and-turquoise batik print is a unique alternative to ubiquitous solids, geometrics, and florals, meaning you won't show up at a pool party in the same suit as six other girls. The adjustable gold hardware adds just the right amount of bling to make a subtle—but impactful—fashion statement. And when pool- or beach-time is done, you can toss on the matching Batik Tie Caftan to spend the rest of the day in cool, breezy comfort.

There. Could we make it any easier for you? No more excuses—dive right in and let your inner "Vix"-en lead the way.

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