Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Mom" brings home the metal

A few weeks ago we giddily reported that 41-year-old Dara Torres had qualified for the U.S. Olympic Swim Team through a performance at trials that could only be called phenomenal.

We promised ourselves that we'd follow her Olympic story down to the minute, and then, well, something happened.

Okay, golden boy Michael Phelps happened.

And while Mr. Phelps ... uh, can we have a moment, please? ... mmmm, Michael Phelps ... okay, we're back ...

Anyway, while Mr. Phelps was racking up gold after gold, our Dara was quietly gathering some hardware of her own: three silvers, to be exact. One of them was for the 50-meter freestyle, which she lost to a 25-year-old by 0.01 seconds.

Although the top prize eluded her this time around, we think that's pretty darned impressive for a fortysomething dynamo whose teammates took to calling her "mom."

So, good on you, girl! See you in 2012?

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