Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall trend alert: plaid

If plaid patterns evoke unpleasant memories of either your own private school experiences or the "naughty coed" craze that accompanied Britney's first video, it's time to put those demons to rest. Because in Fall 2008, plaid is back in a big way—even if your school uniform days are long behind you.

From cozy wool jumpers to funky tights to handbags and shoes (like these ├╝ber-cute wedges from Volatile), plaid will be showing up everywhere you look this season. And not just in the traditional grays and beiges either—look for funky combinations featuring swaths of purple, orange, yellow, electric blue, and neon red.

We've gotta say, after being inundated with florals several seasons in a row, it's quite a refreshing change.

Oh, and if you've been thinking about talking your man into wearing a kilt, now's definitely the time.

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