Friday, September 12, 2008

Fashion Week highlights part I

From what we've seen so far, you can forget about dreamy pastels and nap-inducing floral prints in Spring 2009 ... because next season, it's all about color, color, COLOR, baby!

Inspired by artist Bruce Nauman, designer Doo.Ri infused her spring line with bold pops of neon, from shocking pink to out-there aqua. "I was inspired by his work and his use of neon art," she told Fashion Week Daily. "I wanted to inject that through the colors, the fluorescents, on a background of gray."

Anna Sui chose to venture south of the border for her inspiration: pops of color amidst rich earth tones, embroidery, and colorful lace accents. Styled with bold, fun accessories including chunky beaded jewelry, straw hats and bags, and even cowboy boots, her models looked like they'd just returned from spring break in Cancun ... but in a good way.

Even the notoriously restrained Vera Wang couldn't resist getting in on the fun. "I wanted to play," she noted after the show. "There was toughness, but also magic kingdom pale neon colors. It was like being an artist; it's girly with a tough act. That's who I am." And play is exactly what she did, layering sheers over unexpected pieces like leather pants and even having some fun with menswear-inspired jackets and blazers. Nice to see our Vera breaking out of her comfort zone and exploring new territory while still staying true to her aesthetic.

Stay tuned for more highlights!

(Source: Fashion Week Daily)

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