Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hot site:

There are a few things in life you can never really get enough of. Diamonds. Shoes. Compliments. "Just-because" flowers. Solid, unbiased beauty advice.

Let's face it: navigating our way through the many mazes that comprise the vast beauty product market is no easy task. We're busy enough trying to balance career, family, and personal life without having to devote countless hours per week (and dollars per month) to finding out which products are boffo and which ones are bust.

If you've been craving a one-stop shop for unsponsored product reviews, detailed how-to videos, streamlined 101-level explanations, and your very own personalized product-hunting "beauty scout," then your prayers have been answered. Check out, the brainchild of former beauty-industry executives Emrah Kovacoglu and Beth Mayall-Traglia. As Kovacoglu puts it, "This category is so emotional to consumers, I had to help them find answers even if it meant doing some pretty unorthodox things in the beauty industry."

Unorthodox, yes. But also brilliant. Check it out now.

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