Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter style: warm up without bulking up

No matter where you live, January and February typically usher in the year's coldest temperatures. So how's a fashionista to protect herself from hypothermia while deftly avoiding that "Nanuk of the North" look? With some savvy styling tips from our friends at iVillage Beauty and Style, of course.

  • A classic trench will provide the warmth you need without adding bulk; plus, a good one like this one from Banana Republic will last you several seasons.
  • Give beige a break and consider a pop of color in your outerwear, which is now available in the season's hottest shades.
  • Or choose a bold print, like this black-and-white plaid from Macy's.
  • Or opt for a unique styling choice, like this asymmetrical coat from Soia & Kyo.
So go ahead: keep your style and keep warm. With today's fabulous outerwear styles, there's no need to choose!

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