Monday, February 18, 2008

HomeStyle: stashing your sparklies

Between the holidays and Valentine's Day, chances are your collection of baubles, beads, and bangles has grown somewhat—maybe even outgrown your tried-and-true jewelry box.

Leave it to Martha Stewart and her team at Blueprint to come up with a few innovative—not to mention stylish—ideas for keeping your bling tangle-free as well as easy to find.

  • Use mismatched cups and saucers to transform an ordinary dresser drawer into a jewelry jubilee.
  • Turn your favorite pieces into art by draping them over a classical bust or other favorite sculpture.
  • If drawer and shelf space is scarce, try mounting a shadow box outfitted with hooks to keep necklaces and earrings organized and within easy reach.
  • Pick up an unusually shaped branch the next time you're out on a walk, then set it up in a vase or pot with filler and drape it with your favorite finery. (For added fabulousness, spray-paint it gold or silver first.)
You'll save yourself time when you go looking for that special string of pearls—and save your whole collection from the perils of nasty tangles. Dazzling!

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