Sunday, March 16, 2008

Estee Lauder walks on the dark side

What comes to mind when you think of Esteée Lauder fragrances? Yeah, same here: Gwyneth Paltrow clad in pastel linen on a bicycle with a basket full of delicate flowers. Light, floral, girly, with nary a whiff of dark notes to be found.

Well, this season, the House of Lauder's fragrance line is getting a bit of a shakeup. Come this summer, the new scent Sensuous will be spicing things up with a deep, woodsy, amber aroma.

"Estée Lauder is heavily penetrated in the floral category," says president John Dempsey. "A new entry in woods allows us to expand our portfolio and reach out to a new customer. Woods are a growing category in North America and an important opportunity in Europe."

Look for Sensuous at your favorite Estée Lauder counter in July.

(Source: Women's Wear Daily)

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