Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flex your flip-flop fu!

So you're driving home from work, looking forward to your date with Mr. Wonderful in that special black dress and that sweet little pair of strappy slingba—oh, crap, you remember that your toes are a mess. Sure, there's time for a pedicure, but the only shoes in your possession are your closed-toe work pumps, the stuff of which pedi nightmares are made.

Well, if you're a smart little cookie, you reach into your glove compartment, pull out your Flexflops, and make a beeline for the nearest salon. Flexflops are the world's first "emergency flip-flop," designed to fold in half and tuck neatly into a handy little tote. Keep a pair in your handbag, one in the car, another in your gym bag, because you never know...

Choose from a variety of kicky styles and colors: black ("Pedi Please"), hot pink (heart design), light blue, yellow, or grey ("Spa Snob"). And the next time you're part of a wedding party, their "Bride" and "Bridesmaid" sets will add a fun as well as functional element to your girls' day at the spa before the big event.

Your toes will thank you for it!

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