Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15 treats for the tax-weary

You’ve made it through another tax season, girls, and we at Getting Underneath feel you deserve a treat for surviving all those forms, all those rules, and all those conflicting bits of random advice. Whether your 2007 tax return leaves you expecting a refund (“in the money”) or owing Uncle Sam (“in the red”), it’s time to reward yourself with a gift (not deductible, sadly) and indulge in one of this season’s hottest trends.

Red lipstick

  • In the Money? Dior Addict in Positive Red ($25 at Nordstrom)
  • In the Red? NYC Ultra Moist LipWear in Retro Red ($0.99 at CVS)

Big bag, bright color
  • In the Money? Prada Tessuto Weave Tote in Turchese (left, $1,230 at Bergdorf Goodman)
  • In the Red? Andi Tote in Light Blue (right, $29.99 at baghaus.com)

Rope-accented wedges

  • In the Money? Castaner by Ibiza ($261 at Zappos.com)
  • In the Red? Romance Espadrille by Montego Bay Club ($19.99 at Payless)

Flirty dress in a bold print
  • In the Money? Anna Sui Deco Crown Print Minidress (left, $332 at Saks)
  • In the Red? AB Studio Swirl Babydoll Dress (right, $29.50 at Kohl’s)

And if you find it just too taxing to choose, pop in a favorite CD, light a few candles, and slip into a luxurious bubble bath for a long, well-deserved soak. ($0.00 at your place)

Whatever you do, enjoy—you deserve it!

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