Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April showers survival guide (part II)

Rockin' umbrella in hand, you're now ready for the worst this soggy April has to throw at you, right? Ah, not quite.

You'll need some kind of overgarment to keep your silks, cashmeres, and other delicate fabrics from turning into matted, streaky messes. Save the plastic for your grandma's furniture, honey—for a true fabulista, only a sweet li'l trench will do.

To bring a dash of sunshine to even the dreariest afternoon, nothing compares to this fabulous Italian Paper-Poplin Raincoat from J. Crew.

Not quite fierce enough for you? Those who need a little more "mrowwwr" in their style will go wild for the hazy leopard print in this incredible L.A.M.B. Triple Pocket Trench Coat.

"But no," you protest. "I am the ultimate girly-girl, and nothing goes on my back that would not have been worn proudly by Grace Kelly on her way to lunch at The Ritz." Fear not, princess, we've got you covered, too. Feast your eyes on this Ramosport Iridescent Taffeta Trench Coat. Think that'll work for ya?

Let those April showers drench and douse—you'll be prepared with togs and gear so fabulous, you wouldn't mind waiting a couple weeks longer for those May flowers to take over.

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