Thursday, May 15, 2008

Way to go, Whitney!

You have a new Top Model, America. And this baby's got back.

Last night, America's Next Top Model crowned its first ever full-figured (by which we mean size 10-12) winner in Whitney Thompson, the curvy 20-year-old beauty from Atlantic Beach, FL who proclaimed at audition, "I have breasts and I have hips and I have a butt and I am so proud of all that."

The grueling 12-week competition—which took contestants from L.A. to New York and finally to Rome—came down to a final stomp-off between Whitney and Hawaii-born Anya Kop in a real-life Versace fashion show. The judges evaluated both girls' work throughout the season and, while Anya got the nod for having a more high-fashion look, it was Whitney's personality, work ethic, and drive that put her over the top. Oh yeah, and her smokin' hotness didn't hurt either.

"I want other women in America to feel better about themselves," the newest Top Model said in her post-win interview. "I honestly think that girls will look up to me and say, 'I could do that. I could be that. I don't have to starve. I don't have to have plastic surgey. I can really be like that. I could be on that billboard. I can be in that magazine. Why? Because I'm beautiful fom the inside-out.'"

Way to represent for the real-size girls, Whit. Good on ya!

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