Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Graffiti Pink has never been so "Sex"-y

You've seen the movie, possibly more than once. You've identified your character. You've imbibed more cosmos in the last week than you have in the last three years. You've done everything a fan can do, short of taking the nation's hottest flick (chick or otherwise) to bed with you. And now you can do that too.

Introducing Cosabella's very own Sex and the City line of lingerie, inspired by the characters we all know and love.

Does Carrie's whimsical flair inspire you? Check out the "Carrie" bustier and thong, pictured left. If you prefer Charlotte's cool, classic style, check out her namesake bamboo bikini and camisole. Or embrace your inner Miranda or Samantha.

Or, simply refuse to choose and make each character a part of your lingerie wardrobe.

Because a girl can never have too much "Sex," can she?

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