Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer drink trend: the winetail

If the term "wine cocktail" evokes memories of junior-high evenings furtively slurping sugary coolers in the back of your friend's mom's SUV, you'll be pleased to know that wine-based cocktails have done a lot of growing up.

And this summer, they're the hottest thing on ice.

According to a recent story in the Washington Post, "winetails" are gaining popularity among quaffers craving lower alcohol content and lighter flavors in their bevvies of choice, especially with warm summer temperatures rolling in.

Can you imagine the horror on your wine-lover friends' faces when they see you mixing, say, a hearty rioja with Coca-Cola over ice? It's called a "rioja libre," a popular drink among Spanish youths and just one of the many winetails making their way into more sophisticated circles.

And smarter winemakers, who can sniff out sales opportunities like the bouquet of a bold cabernet, are jumping on the bandwagon, hiring their own mixologists to come up with innovative concoctions. If you're looking for something different to serve at your next soirée, Ecco Domani winery proposes the Ecco Sidro:
1 t muddled ginger
1-1/2 oz apple cider
Pinch of chai tea powder
2 oz Ecco Domani Chianti

More ideas can be found at numerous websites, including Food & Wine, 1001 Cocktails, and BellaOnline ... or come up with your own concoctions and offer guests a new delight every time they visit!

(Source: Washington Post)

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