Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swimwear summer survival

Now that summer is in full swing, chances are your swimwear is getting quite a bit of use—whether it's at the beach, in the pool, or lounging on the deck. And the constant exposure to sun, sweat, chlorine and salt water can definitely take its toll on your favorite bikini.

Fortunately, a few easy care tips can help keep your favorite swim togs in the pink (or purple, or black-and-white polka dots) all season long:

  • Before jumping in the pool, soak your suit in clear, cool water; this will help it absorb less chlorine. After your swim, soak it again immediately to prevent chlorine damage.
  • Wash separately from other intimates, as most swimwear will bleed a bit in the first few washings.
  • To squeeze out excess water, roll your suit up in a clean, light-colored, lint-free towel and squeeze gently. Then hang to dry immediately.
  • Avoid oil-based sun lotions, which can stain some fabrics.
  • Slip into an old suit for dips in the hot tub or in heavily chlorinated pools (like hotel pools); these environments are extremely harsh on fabrics.
  • When sitting on the edge of a pool or other rough surface, put a towel down first, as abrasiveness can cause pilling.
Just remember: be good to your swimwear and it'll be good to you—all the way to Labor Day and beyond.


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